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COSTEN RUIZ LAW ha ayudado a innumerables clientes a luchar contra los cargos injustos y aquellos que necesitan ayuda contra el sistema legal. Tomamos un enfoque proactivo en cada paso del caso para tratar de maximizar los resultados para su caso.


Fraud Crimes
Fraud crimes encompass various offenses, such as insurance fraud, credit card fraud, and identity theft. Our team possesses the expertise and experience necessary to successfully navigate these cases' complexities, guaranteeing a defense strategy customized to your unique circumstances.

Sex Crimes

Serious repercussions are associated with charges related to sex crimes, such as mandatory registration as a sex offender and lengthy prison sentences. Our defense lawyers in long beach are committed to safeguarding your rights and reputation, and they handle cases involving child pornography, solicitation, and sexual assault with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

Violent Crimes

The severe penalties associated with violent crime charges, including assault, robbery, and murder, necessitate a robust defense. Our legal team is adept at constructing compelling defenses, scrutinizing evidence, and disputing prosecution claims to protect your future.

Drug Crimes

The severity of drug-related charges can vary, from possession to trafficking. We are cognizant of the intricacies of drug laws and strive to mitigate their influence on your life. We are prepared to provide you with a vigorous defense, regardless of whether the case involves prescription drugs, cocaine, or marijuana.

Factors Considered During Sentencing

  • Nature and Circumstances of the Crime

  • Criminal History

  • Role in the Offense

  • Impact on Victims

  • Defendant's Background and Character

  • Mitigating and Aggravating Factors

  • Potential for Rehabilitation

  • Sentencing Guidelines

  • Plea Agreements




COSTEN RUIZ LAW, Nuestros Abogados en Defensa Criminal están dedicados a proteger tus derechos y tu libertad. Nuestros entusiastas abogados están listos para luchar por ti. El proceso de los casos criminales puede ser muy difíciles de manejar y puede resultar en graves consecuencias para el acusado, pero con una defensa apropiada de nuestros Abogados lucharan sin descanso y te guiaran durante esta compleja batalla legal.

SOLICITA TU CONSULTA CONFIDENCIAL GRATIS y tome acciones legales contra aquellos que le han hecho daño .



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What should I do if I'm in Long Beach and arrested for a crime?

It is very important to stay calm and use your right to remain silent if you are arrested. Get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer right away. Costen Ruiz Law is here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure you have a lawyer as soon as possible.

How can a lawyer for criminal defense help me?

A criminal defense lawyer in Long Beach, CA can help you by looking over the details of your case, finding holes in the prosecution's case, negotiating plea deals, and going to court with you. The lawyers at Costen Ruiz Law have the skills and experience to build a strong defense that fits your specific needs.

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